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30 Days to Understanding Autism


Whether you are a novice or veteran, navigating the overwhelming amount of information about autism can be daunting.

There is no shortage of books, articles, research, opinions, and misinformation. Autism spectrum disorder is one condition with common features that can manifest in diverse ways.

This book aims to be an easy and informal read while wading through a wide range of topics including the following:

  • Communication and Executive Function
  • Sensory Processing and Stimming
  • Prevalence and Detection
  • Depression and Learning Difficulties
  • Studies, Statistics, and so much more


30 Days to Understanding Autism can be read all at once, used as a reference guide, or simply be a place to turn for daily information and support.

“A balance of careful research and thoughtful engagement, 30 Days to Understanding Autism represents one of the best basic overviews of autism spectrum disorder. Casey Chaffey’s parental perspective on autism and its associated challenges is sure to be a source of encouragement to other parents looking for reliable information as they begin their journey to comprehending the complexities of their child’s diagnosis. This concise but impactful treatment also serves as a go-to guide for grandparents, caregivers, friends, and anyone desiring an informed outlook on autism.”

- Lee A., brother of three siblings on the spectrum

“The author has done an excellent job of explaining a complex subject in a concise, practical way. Even after being a parent of an autistic child for 23 years, I still learned from this book. Casey Chaffey managed to put into words what I have wanted to express and explain to others but have not been able to articulate. I highly recommend this book to any parent who has a child, of any age, who experiences autism.”

- Kim S., mother of an adult son on the spectrum

“As a mother of an autistic son, I know firsthand the daily struggles faced by families with a child on the spectrum. Research is being done all the time, and yet our society still understands so little about autism. More tools are needed, and Casey Chaffey's book delivers. This easy-to-read resource is a perfect guide to better understand the challenges faced by those with autism. The book also offers some definitions of terms and explanations of concepts contained in modern autism research. 30 Days to Understanding Autism is a must-have.”

- Mary P., mother of a child on the spectrum

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