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  • The Truth Chronicles Bundle (six novels, plus short story and study guide) ()
    Pick up the entire set of The Truth Chronicles for one low price. 
    This set includes all six novels, the short story, the study guide, and a link to download the teacher's guide to go with the study guide.

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  • The Meeting (The Truth Chronicles Short Story) ()
    Find Out How It All Began

    This short story takes readers back three years prior to the start of the series to the time when Jax, Izzy, JT, and Micky first meet. Fans of The Truth Chronicles will enjoy this brief tale (three chapters) that provides some interesting background for the students and illuminates a few events discussed in the series.

    Like the other books in the series, The Meeting is a lot of fun and packed with important biblical teaching. Facing strong peer pressure for the first time, JT must make a decision to go along with her new friends or take a stand for Christ. 

    (The Meeting is also included in Worlds of Faith by Paul Taylor, gen. ed.)

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  • The Thief (The Truth Chronicles #4) ()

    What happens when a top secret project falls into the wrong hands?

    A new school year delivers more fun, adventure, and peril for the teens from Silicon Valley Prep.

    While facing challenges to their newfound faith from skeptics and believers, Jax and Izzy invent a way to make time travel safer. JT and Micky aim to repeat as science fair champions, but devastation strikes when someone with dangerous intentions takes an interest in their work.

    One mistake could bring consequences far greater than they ever imagined.

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  • The Chase (The Truth Chronicles #5) ()

    How do you find someone who could be anywhere in time?

    Jax and his friends race through the past to recover the stolen time machine.

    Unable to contact Micky, JT sets out with Jax and Izzy on a perilous trek bringing them face-to-face with dinosaurs, an abandoned village, and a ferocious saber-tooth.

    Will they be able to track down the thieves? After a shocking twist, the teens make one of the greatest discoveries of all.

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  • The Ark (The Truth Chronicles #6) ()

    Would you risk your life for another?

    Noah's Ark! Exploring the discovery of a lifetime leads to both wonder and disaster for Jax and his friends.

    Jax and Izzy enlist the help of an expert to unlock the mysteries of an ancient letter. Because their project was destroyed, JT and Micky scramble to create a replacement in time for the science fair.

    A shocking revelation forces the teens to make their most difficult decision yet. Will they sacrifice everything to save a friend?

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  • The Time Machine (The Truth Chronicles #1) ()

    What Would You Do If You Could Travel Through Time?

    When four unsuspecting teens from the world's top science academy attempt a trip to ancient Egypt, they dive into an adventure beyond their wildest imaginations.

    Jax and Isaiah expect pyramids and pharaohs, but come face-to-face with some of the deadliest creatures to ever walk the earth.

    Can JT and Micky get there before it's too late? And what will happen when they are confronted with the true history of our world?

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  • The Contest (The Truth Chronicles #2) ()
    How Far Would You Go To Discover The Truth?

    Explosions, raging rapids, and dinosaurs await as the adventure through time continues!

    While JT and Micky defend themselves against a mob of skeptics, Jax and Isaiah race to clear Dr. Thompson's name. Enlisting the aid of one of the world's top minds, the teens put their beliefs to the ultimate test.

    Can JT's faith survive the challenge? And how will the most important event in history change their lives?

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  • The Rescue (The Truth Chronicles #3) ()
    Defending the Faith Has Never Been So Fun!

    The pursuit for truth continues as the four teens from Silicon Valley Prep embark on another thrilling adventure through time.

    While searching for their friends, Isaiah and Micky save the lives of two children, victims of a brutal attack. Will their heroic act alter the future forever? For Jax and JT, finding a way home is more treacherous than anything they have ever encountered. Can their friendship survive Jax's quest for answers?

    Worldviews will be challenged and lives will be changed.

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