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It’s been a few months since my last blog post, but this is not due to idleness on my part. I have been busy with other projects during that time, and hopefully I’ll be able to devote some more energy to the blog soon. However, there will likely be a big change with that as well, as I’ll explain below.

One of the projects I’ve been working on is the Bible Q&A Podcast. For the past several months, I’ve considered starting a podcast to answer some of the many questions I receive. Knowing how positively the Risen: Without a Doubt DVD series has been received, I asked Eric Hovind to join me on this venture as well. He agreed to cohost the program and we’ve been busy developing the show since.

Our goal for the podcast is essentially stated in the title of the program. Our desire is to answer your questions about the Bible, Church History, and Christian Theology. The show is primarily geared toward questions from Christians, although we will occasionally address those from skeptics, too.

We’ve already recorded five episodes. The first three are available on iTunes and Google Play Music. The show is also on Stitcher, but for some reason, the first episode is not showing up…yet (I’m awaiting a response from their customer service about this issue). We’ve also made videos of the show available on Youtube. Besides seeing Eric and me, an advantage of watching the videos is that we’ve added slides so you can follow along when we’re reading certain quotes or Bible verses. Don’t worry about my background and camera angle in the first two episodes—it will all look better beginning with the third episode.

Here is a sample of some of the questions we’ve addressed so far:

  • What happens to children when they die? Are they saved?
  • What does it mean to abide in Christ?
  • Does the story of the woman caught in adultery belong in the Bible?
  • Is there anything that would make you question your faith?
  • Are there any authentic secular writings about Jesus?
  • Who was Cain afraid of?

If you have some questions you would like us to address on the program, please send us an email at

Here’s the logo for Risen Ministries. Check out the new website at

The podcast is part of a new and larger project I’ve been working on—Risen Ministries. Since 2005, Midwest Apologetics has been the website for my speaking and blogging ministry, but it’s time to make some changes for several reasons. First, I haven’t lived in the Midwest for a while, so the old name no longer fits well. Second, I’ve recently acquired the rights to Risen Books, which means that I now own the rights to my Truth Chronicles series and have an outlet for publishing future projects. Finally, since I’ve had a strong emphasis on the Resurrection in my teaching, I wanted the ministry name to reflect that.

My plan is to eventually move the content from this page so that it’s under the Risen Ministries site. This would mean that the blog will likely have a new home in the not-too-distant future. I’ll keep you posted when/if that change occurs.

Please check out the Bible Q&A Podcast and the new website at

Thanks for reading!

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