First Post of the New Year

Hoar frost on the trees

I have not posted anything on the blog since around Christmas. I’m sorry if it seems like I have been slacking off, but I’ve actually been quite busy.

Most of my free time has been taken up with writing the first draft of my thesis. I thought I would end up writing about 50–55 pages but it is already 75 pages long. Who knew there was so much information about the “sons of God” and “Nephilim” from Genesis 6:1–4? I would eventually like to add several other sections and chapters, rewrite it at the layman level, and publish it as a book. I was fascinated by the topic before writing the paper, but I found so many things that I have never noticed or heard anyone discuss before.

Besides the thesis, I have continued writing several articles and book chapters for Answers in Genesis. As regulars to this blog know well, I had been working on a series covering misconceptions that people have about Christmas. We have continued in the misconceptions series, but are now focusing on some general misconceptions people have about the Bible.

I wrote an article that discussed whether or not the Bible condones abortion. Some people have used Exodus 21:22–24 (as it is translated in the RSV, NRSV, or Amplified) to make the claim that according to the Bible, the unborn child’s life is not worth as much as those who have already been born. If one takes the time to read through this same passage in any of the other major translations, you will quickly see that the Bible clearly shows that the life of the unborn child is equal in value to those who have already been born. Check out my article “Does the Bible Condone Abortion?” for more information.

Also, in response to a question from a reader, I wrote an article dealing with another touchy subject. This read had been confused by a lengthy article which claimed that although the Bible states that homosexuality is a sin, it is wrong about that claim because God allows each person to decide these things for himself or herself. My article explains exactly what the Bible teaches on this subject, explains some of the logical fallacies in the article that confused the reader, and shows that God is gracious to all who turn to Him. Check out “Feedback: God’s Not Clear on Homosexuality?” for the full article.

I am looking forward to what 2011 has in store for me and my family. I am off to a good start on reading through the Bible in the year (for the fifth year in a row). My co-author and I have started writing book four in The Truth Chronicles series. We are hoping to finish the rough drafts for the next three books by the end of summer. We’ve had some great responses to the first three books and have some exciting and fun things planned for the next three in the series.

Finally, my favorite team, the Green Bay Packers have surprised me so far in the playoffs by beating the Eagles and demolishing the Falcons. Hopefully, they can win two more games and take home another Lombardi Trophy. After all, that trophy belongs in Green Bay.

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