Using the Culture for God’s Glory

The Truth Chronicles: The Time Machine

Defending the faith has never been so fun.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend a homeschool conference in Naperville, IL to sell some of my books. Bill Jack from Worldview Academy gave the keynote address on Saturday afternoon. The title of his talk was Taking What Is Common in Culture and Turning it into a Pulpit.

This may sound like a strange idea, since so many Christians tend to view culture in one extreme or the other – they either separate from it and want nothing to do with it or they see no problem with being immersed in it and eventually seem to be part of it. However, Bill Jack advocated a third option, which I think is the biblical approach. Use what is common in our culture and figure out how to reach and teach people through it. Paul used this approach in Acts 17 when confronting the philosophers in Athens.

One way that Bill Jack does this is through museum tours. He takes groups on tours through the secular temples of our day (natural science and history museums) and uses their displays and materials to teach the truth about creation and God’s word. Of course, this leads to some interesting confrontations with museum curators, but we have a right to free speech too. In these cases, it’s easy to point out the differences between the “facts” (the actual fossils) and the interpretation of the facts (the artwork) to show how the evolutionary agenda is pushed. The fossils do not show a slow and gradual change over time. Instead, they affirm the biblical teaching that God made the animals to bring forth after their kind. Dogs will have dogs. Cats will have cats, etc. The only real evidence for evolution is found in the artwork.

Recently I co-authored a youth fiction series with a friend that is designed to take what is common in our culture and use it to teach the truth of God’s Word. Entitled The Truth Chronicles, we created a science fiction, time travel story and illustrated it with the popular Japanese Manga style of art. In this exciting, fun-filled story, the reader is taken on an action-packed adventure, but at the same time, learns how to answer many of the most-asked questions about the Bible and the Christian faith.

Designed for ages 10-15, the reader will learn about creation v. evolution, the Flood, dinosaurs and the Bible, the origin of the various people groups, the intolerance of the allegedly “tolerant” people, a Christian view of dating, and much, much more.

One young lady read the first book and wrote, “I just finished The Time Machine [book 1] and I thoroughly enjoyed it … [It] was very witty and really fun to read … I’ll be purchasing the other two in the series!”
Another young lady wrote this after reading the first book:
“I really enjoyed the book. I read the whole thing last night. I simply couldn’t put it down! The characters were really cool … So when does The Contest (book 2) come out? I can’t wait to read it!”

Well, wait no longer. Book 2 (The Contest) is now available from Midwest Apologetics, Amazon, and other retailers. We like to say that apologetics has never been so fun. Learn how to defend the Christian faith and enjoy a great story at the same time. Get your copy of The Truth Chronicles today.

Has Noah’s Ark Been Found?

Several news reports yesterday announced that a team of explorers from Noah’s Ark Ministries International claimed that they may have found Noah’s Ark. There has been a slew of reactions from both believers and skeptics. There is also an interesting video online which shows researchers inside of a wooden structure, presumably high up on Mt. Ararat.

Could this be Noah’s Ark?

I have been asked whether or not I believe this is truly Noah’s Ark. Although I definitely believe the Biblical account of the worldwide Flood and Noah’s Ark, I have typically been skeptical when I hear the Ark has been found. This time is no different.

I have my doubts as to whether or not the Ark still exists. After all, it was (is) a wooden structure built approximately 4,400 years ago. It served its purpose of keeping Noah, his family, and the animals alive. Following the Flood, it wouldn’t surprise me if much of the Ark was torn apart for shelter, firewood, etc. At the same time, it’s hard to imagine that 8 people would use that much wood for those purposes. So as long the Ark was enveloped in ice and preserved then it’s possible that it could be found in modern times.

It will be interesting to see what follow up expeditions to the site yield. I would love it if this truly is the Ark and would have a desire to take a trip there myself.

The skeptics would be squirming to find an explanation. They have already dismissed it as impossible because they think it’s simply a fairy tale and they claim there never was a worldwide flood. Although it would easily be the greatest archaeological find, many skeptics and critics would still mock God’s word. The truth is that their unbelief is not a result of a lack of evidence, because there’s plenty of evidence which supports the Bible. The fact is that their unbelief is due to an unwillingness to acknowledge their Creator and they suppress the truth in unrighteousness (Romans 1:18).

Christians already have the greatest evidence they need in the pages of Scripture. Since the Bible is God’s inspired word, and God cannot lie, then the Bible cannot be wrong. So when it talks about Noah’s Ark and a worldwide Flood, then we can be sure these things are factual.