Truth Chronicles Study Guide and Reader Reviews

We have recently developed a study guide for The Truth Chronicles series. Fifteen lessons are designed to help students learn more about many of the issues discussed in the books.

Here are some of the subjects that students will learn more about: Worldviews, the Ultimate Proof of Creation, the Problem of Evil and Suffering, the Problems with Tolerance and Relativism, Creation vs. Evolution, Dinosaurs and the Bible, Astronomy and the Bible, the Resurrection, Sharing the Gospel, Noah’s Ark, and the Origin of the Various People Groups.

Guides are now on sale here for $3 or free with the purchase of the trilogy. (teacher guide will soon be available for free download)

Read what people are saying about The Truth Chronicles.

“They are science fiction novels for young people that not only involve time machines and international intrigue but are based on a Biblical worldview. It is so nice to read a science fiction book out of which one does not have to weed evolutionary theory but which actually helps to refute it! The Biblical worldview also comes across clearly in the interpersonal relationships. . . .Both my fourteen-year-old son and I found the book exciting, and he called it “awesome.” — Wayne Walker, Home School Book Review

“As I started reading the first book, I could tell this was going to be a great series, and I wasn’t disappointed. The hard questions of the Bible, Creation, evolution, and science are woven seamlessly throughout the story. The apologetics in the books are not forced or unnatural.” — Amazon reviewer

“Tim Chaffey and Joe Westbrook have done a masterful job of creating a series of books that not only presents answers to real questions that young people have about the Christian faith, but also contains a story that they will WANT to read. The characters are realistic, the dialogue is fun, and the pictures are fantastic.
The concept of this series has been long overdue. Now parents can give their kids something that will spark their imagination AND support their faith at the same time.” — Keith Robinson, author of the Origins Trilogy

“I gave this book to a friend–a girl who’s turning 13 years old next month. She read the entire novel in one night and told me the next morning, “It was SO AWESOME! I put it down and tried to go to sleep, but I just couldn’t until I knew how everything turned out. So I finished it. And what a twist at the very end! When is the next book out?” — Debbie from Genre Reviews

“Most science fiction books are saturated with evolution. The Truth Chronicles is a refreshing alternative, giving readers the biblical perspective on history by taking them on a captivating adventure through time.” — Jason Lisle, PhD – astrophysics, Answers in Genesis

“Each of my three kids–ages 8, 10, & 14 — read all three of the Truth Chronicles and loved them! They enjoyed them so much, they literally could not put them down. What I truly appreciate about this series is that it gives kids (and adults) an awesome tool for discussing and sharing Christianity. The characters are very believable as they tackle real-life faith/science/relationship issues while seamlessly affirming and/or discovering a Biblical worldview. Readers are learning–while being thoroughly entertained with a high-action adventure–very practical ways to defend, discuss and live out the Christian faith.” — homeschool mom

“I had fun with this one. Four smart teenagers go on the adventure of their lives, traveling back in time, discovering what the Bible really says about creation, dinosaurs, and other pertinent elements to the foundation of Christianity. Faced with danger, international intrigue, relationships challenged and deepened, and spiritual devotion–solidified as well as strengthened–this series not only entertains, but is an excellent tool for answering, with a clear and simplistic approach, those questions that have perplexed many. Ideal for the young reader, enjoyable for the old, The Truth Chronicles delivers something wonderful to us all.” — Tessa Stockton, author of The Unforgivable

“As a Bible-believing Christian, it is difficult to find fun, adventurous reading for my children. My ten year old girl just picked this up and absolutely loves it. I am now ordering the next two since she has almost finished the first. Very entertaining read for kids.” — Amazon review

“Bottom line: If you’re looking for a fun-filled adventure that will fuel your kid’s imagination without the evolutionary assumptions of most science fiction, you should pick up The Truth Chronicles: The Time Machine today!” — Rev. Tony Breeden, The Bookwyrm’s Lair

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