Time Well Spent

Two nights ago, I stayed up late watching the Los Angeles Lakers play the Toronto Raptors. Who cares, right? Well, my seven year old son did. He watched it with me and enjoyed every minute of it. 

Some of my favorite moments from my childhood involved staying up late with my dad watching a game, while eating cheese and crackers and drinking chocolate milk. Some may think watching a sporting event is a waste of time, but it sure was fun spending quality time with my son. For the record, he fell asleep with about five minutes to go and missed a last second game-winning shot by the Lakers. 

It is such a joy being a dad and a blessing to have the opportunity to spend time with them. I feel bad for those dads who don’t spend time with their kids. They don’t know what they’re missing.

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  1. Hey, Tim!
    I liked your article. I just wanted to say thank you for posting this! So many dads need to take time out of there busy schedule to spend time with their family!

    Joe has been making an effort to do that even with his never ending hectic schedule! He has taken time out to watch a movie with us, go to the zoo, walk & bicycle ride the foundation trail. He has been trying to plan a weekend a month to do something as a family. It sometimes doesn’t work out – but there has always been an effort.

    Thanks for the article!

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