Fallen Enters Amazon’s Best Sellers Rankings

My book, Fallen: The Sons of God and the Nephilim, is now available from my online store and Amazon.

It has taken a little while, but my book Fallen: The Sons of God and the Nephilim has reached the top 10 in both of its categories on Amazon. As of my latest check, it was ranked #9 in Christian Angelology and Demonology and #6 in Old Testament Bible Study (Books). This is thanks in large part to two strong months of sales following several interviews I have done (details below).

Fallen addresses that strange and controversial passage in Genesis 6:1–4. Historically, there have been three major interpretations regarding the identity of the “sons of God” in this passage, and there are a few less common interpretations as well. My book offers a detailed analysis of this passage and the three major views while demonstrating how only one of these positions properly explains the text, makes sense of the context, fits the narrative of Scripture, and adequately addresses all objections. The best arguments for each view are examined and then analyzed in light of Scripture and history. All of the objections raised against each position are also given space and examined to see whether one of the views withstands scrutiny.

While the first 16 chapters of Fallen focus on the identity of the sons of God, much of the second half of the book studies the subject of the Nephilim (“giants” in many Bibles). Many people conflate these two groups, but a careful reading of the text shows that the Nephilim were on the earth because of what the sons of God did.

There is significant interest in this topic. I often have people approach me after a presentation on a different subject, and they want to ask me about this passage. Numerous books have been written on the topic as well, but a large percentage of them emphasize some of the sensationalism that is often associated with this topic. My goal was to write the most detailed Bible study on the topic that has been done to this point and avoid the sensationalism. After completing my ThM thesis on the subject in 2011, I spent eight more years studying and writing on the topic before Fallen was published. At just under 500 pages, I believe I have accomplished my goal of producing the most in-depth (yet largely easy to follow) book on the sons of God and the Nephilim available anywhere. One may disagree with my conclusions, but he or she will undoubtedly gain a deeper understanding of this passage while reading the book.

The Interviews

Since August 2023, I have taken part in several interviews with hosts who have sizeable followings. Please note that I do not come up with the names of the programs—they are often chosen for better rankings in web search results. Here are the links:

Fallen Angels and the Nephilim—Prophecy Watchers (w/ Mondo Gonzalez)


The Bloodline of Giants (ft. Tim Chaffey)—The Week in Bible Prophecy (w/ Gary Stearman)


The Sons of God and the Nephilim: Interview with Tim Chaffey—Remnant Radio (w/ Joshua Lewis and Michael Miller)


Origin of the Nephilim—3 Primary Views—Right Response Ministries – Part 1 (w/ Joel Webbon)


How Did the Nephilim Survive the Flood? with Dr. Tim Chaffey—Right Response Ministries – Part 2 (w/ Joel Webbon)


How Fallen Angels Biologically Engineered the Giants with Dr. Tim Chaffey—Right Response Ministries – Part 3 (w/ Joel Webbon)

Can Angels Procreate with Women? with Dr. Tim Chaffey—Right Response Ministries – Part 4 (w/ Joel Webbon)

I have a couple more interviews that will air in the next few weeks, so I will post those links here when they are available.

If you have watched/listened to any of these and found them helpful, leave a comment below and share your thoughts. Also, if you’ve read Fallen, please consider taking a couple minutes to leave a positive rating/review on Amazon.

Thanks for reading!

An Opportunity to Share the Gospel with Thousands of Students in Fiji

Imagine sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with every high school student in an entire nation. I have been invited to take part in a mission project that aims to do just that.

About five years ago, a group of Christian teachers traveled to Fiji with the goal of holding meetings in every high school in the country. During these assemblies, someone from the team shared the gospel and taught about the origin of humanity and our world—that God made everything with a purpose and our universe is not some cosmic accident of evolutionary processes.

Pictured here is the mission trip leader, Bruce Malone, speaking to a large gathering of Fijian students.

This program was enthusiastically endorsed by Fiji’s President and Ministry of Education when it was demonstrated that Fijian students’ test scores dramatically improved following the ministry’s mission efforts in the preceding years. Now that those first round of students have graduated, the team has the opportunity to return and reach the current high school students.

In February and March 2024, several teams of speakers will be canvassing the nation of Fiji with the goal of teaching as many high school students as possible about our Creator and the gospel of Jesus Christ—the Muslim and Hindu schools allow us to teach about God being the Creator but will not allow us to share the gospel in the presentations. Nevertheless, every student in every school will receive a free book that explains the gospel and covers 365 pieces of evidence showing that our world was indeed created by God.

Join Me in Sharing the Gospel with Thousands of Fijian Students

I taught high school for six years, and I absolutely loved it. I love my current job as well, but one of the things I have missed is the daily interaction with students. I am scheduled to be in Fiji during the first week of March, and I am so excited to teach and train students for an entire week.

Would you consider partnering with me in this incredible outreach opportunity? The cost of the entire trip is approximately $3500, and I am inviting you to participate in this amazing evangelistic event by helping me get to Fiji and join in the mission work there. [Update 12/26: Thanks to very generous support, I have now raised approximately 75% of the goal.]

Fijian students listening to a creation presentation during a prior mission trip.

If you are not able to contribute financially, please pray for the mission work during that time. Pray for the hearts of the students to be receptive to the gospel and that we will be able to teach clearly and accurately. Pray also that the weather will allow us to reach all the schools on our itinerary—this will be during hurricane season.

If you are able to contribute financially, everyone who donates at least $30 will receive a copy of Explore the World: Knowing God Exists by Observing Creation, the book that will be given to the Fijian students. Those contributing $75 or more will receive that book PLUS your choice of one of the books I’ve written or a single DVD available at my online store (you can leave a comment below to tell me which book/DVD you would like).

If you choose to contribute through prayer, financial support, and/or any other means of support, I would like to sincerely thank you. God has opened a door for us to speak to these students. May He be glorified through this wonderful opportunity.

I recently started a fundraising campaign page on Give Send Go, so click on the link earlier in this sentence if you would like to contribute. If you have any questions about the trip or are having difficulty giving through this platform and would like another option, please leave a comment below or send me a message at my author page on Facebook. You can also send a check to me at the following:
Tim Chaffey
PO Box 522
Burlington, KY 41005

Check out this video to learn more about the mission work and hear what one student had to say.

Here is a video filmed during a previous mission trip in Fiji from the project leader, Bruce Malone.