Fun at the Creation Museum


This past weekend we had the privilege of visiting the Creation Museum again. I have always been impressed with the quality of the exhibits and presentations, which are first class – even the critics who hate the idea of the museum acknowledge this. But I’m even more impressed that this entire building is dedicated to upholding the authority of God’s Word.

My wife, Casey, enjoys the petting zoo the most, especially the zonkey (half zebra, half donkey) and the zorse (half zebra, half horse). I think my favorite part is either the planetarium or the Last Adam theater, which presents the Gospel in a powerful way and shows how Jesus (the Last Adam) connects to Adam. I’m still a kid at heart so I really like the dinosaurs, especially the big T-Rex and I always make sure to stop in at the taco/burrito bar. Of course, it’s pretty cool to see two of my books in the Dragon’s Den bookstore.

We visited with some family friends and everyone had a great time. If you haven’t made the trip to northern Kentucky (greater Cincinnati area) to visit the museum, I would strongly recommend it for a family trip. Plan to spend an entire day to take in all of the activities and to have time to read the displays in the walkthrough.

Speaking of the critics, their vehement hatred of this place is just another testimony to the veracity of the message. Did you ever notice how most atheists and skeptics have a “live and let live” approach to the majority of churches or Christian ministries? Yet when it comes to a ministry that takes a strong stand on God’s Word – especially in Genesis – the critics cannot tolerate it. This is because the message proclaimed at the Creation Museum strikes at the very heart of the atheistic religion (yes, I said religion). You see, if evolution crumbles, then so does atheism, naturalism, Marxism, secular humanism, and so many other manmade “isms” that are diametrically opposed to God’s Word.

Christian leaders need to wake up to this fact and realize that if they are truly doing God’s work then they should expect opposition from an unbelieving world. Yet for the atheist/critic, why is there so much hypocrisy in their view? Why spend so much time seething about and mocking one museum which was privately funded? Don’t you believe a person has the right to believe whatever they want to? Why are you so offended about people believing in a God that you don’t even think exists? You don’t get upset with people who believe in unicorns, so why are you so afraid that people might be persuaded to believe in the God of the Bible?

Anyway, I better cut this short before I get going too long on the soapbox.

Thanks for reading.

Reaching and Teaching Youth

I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to have a large number of youth attending our weekly youth meetings. I am an Associate Pastor at a small, rural church (about 120 each Sunday) and our youth group has been averaging over 80 young people at each meeting this year – and the vast majority are from “unchurched” families.

It is important to keep in mind that God does not measure success the way we so often do. Despite what many think, numbers do not equal success. However, if we are blessed to have large numbers, we better make the most of every opportunity to reach them with the truth of God’s Word.

For over a year now we have been going verse-by-verse  through the Gospel of Luke. There are times that I want to pull my hair out (if I had any) because the students can be very difficult. Other times, I am so encouraged because they are paying attention and I know that God’s Word is powerful (Heb. 4:12) and will accomplish His purpose (Is. 55:11). 

Lately, they have begun challenging me about Biblical teachings and I’m excited about it. They are being shaken out of their apathy and starting to ask good questions about the faith. We are going to be talking about the Resurrection of Jesus Christ next week and I’ve encouraged them to raise any objections they have heard or they might have to the historicity of the most important event that has ever occurred. I’m excited to see how God will work in their lives during this time.

Our culture (even our Christian colleges and seminaries) often tell us that we just need to entertain kids. They say there is no way that they’ll sit still and listen to in-depth Biblical instruction. That’s simply not true. When God’s Word is taught accurately and boldly, people will either be attracted or repelled by it. Our job is to proclaim the truth and leave the results up to God. Our youth know that each week, they will be required to sit still and pay attention to someone teaching the Bible and they keep coming back. Not only do they keep coming back, they keep inviting friends.

If God has blessed you with the ability and opportunity to teach young people, please don’t ever shy away from boldly proclaiming the truth. They want answers that only God’s Word can give. Don’t ever apologize or make excuses for believing the truth.