Q & A Series: Were the Sons of God and Nephilim Ancient Aliens?

The Ancient Alien hypothesis has exploded in popularity since the publication of von Daniken’s Chariots of the Gods. It has also spawned this popular television series on The History Channel.

[As of 11/5/11 my thesis is now available in print or for Amazon Kindle.] Since I began summarizing my thesis in a series of blog posts last month, several people have asked me what I thought of the ancient alien hypothesis. If you aren’t familiar with this idea, allow me to summarize it.

It has been proposed by some researchers that aliens visited this planet long ago. Many of those who promote this view believe these aliens seeded the first life forms on earth (panspermia) and may even be involved in guiding our alleged evolution. As evidence, adherents point to the amazing complexity of life and to many of the artifacts and incredible structures from ancient history that can be found all over the globe. The famous Nazca lines in Peru, the various pyramids and ziggurats, and other mysterious ancient constructions are some examples of the evidence used. Two of the most popular proponents of this view have been Erich von Daniken and the late Zecharia Sitchin. Both have sold millions of copies of their books on the subject, so there is obviously great interest in this concept.

A version of this hypothesis was promoted in the popular 1994 sci-fi movie Stargate (and the three subsequent television series). Some of the ideas out there seem more believable, while some are so outlandish that it is amazing anyone would even consider it.

Of particular interest to me is that many of these folks claim the Bible mentions this in the Book of Genesis.

Now it came about, when men began to multiply on the face of the land, and daughters were born to them, that the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves, whomever they chose.
Then the LORD said, “My Spirit shall not strive with man forever, because he also is flesh; nevertheless his days shall be one hundred and twenty years.”
The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown. (Genesis 6:1–4, NASB)

Many ancient alien proponents believe aliens visited earth several thousand years ago to breed with humanity either in an effort to keep their own race going or to advance humankind. The passage cited above is sometimes used to support that notion. It is claimed that the “sons of God” were actually aliens who visited earth and mated with women. Zecharia Sitchin has argued that the term “Nephilim” is from the Hebrew verb naphal (to fall), which he changes to mean “to come down” as though they came down from space. For the record, Sitchin is not alone in connecting the word “Nephilim” to the verb naphal, many Christians have also tried to make this connection, but this is inaccurate because it would not fit any of the Hebrew morphologies (i.e., the way the Hebrew word construction changes, for a good explanation of this term see this article by biblical and ancient near eastern scholar Michael Heiser).

Having written my thesis on these particular verses I am quite familiar with what they do and do not teach. Although Christians disagree on the proper identification of the “sons of God” and the “Nephilim,” one thing is clear: the Bible does not promote the ancient alien hypothesis here or anywhere else (some proponents cite Ezekiel 1 for support as well). There are several problems with the ancient alien view from a biblical perspective.

First, the text reveals that the “sons of God” married the daughters of men and the Nephilim were very likely the offspring of these unions. I believe it is best to identify the “sons of God” as heavenly beings (in this case fallen angels) since heavenly beings are called this in Job 1, 2, 38. Numbers 13:33 indicates that a race of giants known as the Anakim were part of the Nephilim. This makes sense since the term “Nephilim” is likely from the Aramaic noun naphil, which means “giant.”

Second, the notion of extraterrestrial sentient beings (not including spiritual creatures) is foreign to the Bible and contradicts several biblical teachings. For example, the Bible reveals that God created the earth (Day One) before the other astronomical bodies (Day Four). So earth plays a unique role in God’s program. Also, Jesus Christ became a descendant of Adam and died “once for all” for the descendants of Adam (Romans 6:10; Hebrews 7:27; 9:12; 10:10). If there were sentient beings elsewhere in the universe and they sinned against their Creator, then they would be unable to be saved since the Son of God died once and it was on earth and for mankind.

Third, the whole notion of panspermia is flawed. This is the idea that life came to earth from another planet. The reason this view was originally developed is because many scientists (like Hoyle and Wickramasinghe) have realized the impossibility of life arising by chance processes here on earth. So instead of believing that God created life, they proposed that the first organisms came here from another place. However, this is simply passing the buck. Where did those life forms come from? Why, if life cannot evolve from non-living material on a planet perfectly suited for life (like earth), could it allegedly evolve somewhere else in the universe? This is an argument from silence.

The Ancient Aliens series has been popular enough for the History Channel to make at least seven seasons.

Although the Bible does not promote the ancient alien theory, there is a plausible connection that needs to be explored. The modern UFO/alien abduction phenomenon bears some resemblance to what I believe is described in Genesis 6. Although I think many of those who claimed to have been abducted are simply seeking attention, there seem to be some cases where something really did happen to the individual (although I don’t believe they were abducted by aliens since I don’t believe in aliens).

Could it be that demons are posing as aliens and either physically abducting people (if possible) or creating psychological encounters that seem real to the victim? Although many are probably hoaxes, consider that tens of thousands of abductees from all over the world share similar details about their encounter. They claim to have undergone some sort of sexual examination during their abduction or even to have been forced to have sex with another abductee or one of the aliens. Oftentimes, the victim is severely traumatized as a result of their abduction and some have even claimed to have become pregnant as a result.

As bizarre as this seems, it is not too different from Medieval stories of incubi and succubae. Numerous reports speak of the incubus as a male demon who would visit women in their sleep and have sex with them, sometimes impregnating them. The succubus is said to have been a demon manifesting as a female to have intercourse with men.

So are all of these strange encounters simply make believe? What do professing abductees have to gain from announcing their abductions? Sure, some may be publicity seekers, but many of them are embarrassed and ashamed of what has happened to them. There does seem to be something very strange going on.

There are two more ideas that lead me to believe that the modern alien abductions are part of a demonic deception. First, many abductees have told that the aliens have shared messages with them (often telepathically). They are told that Jesus was just a member of their race, which explains why He could work miracles. They are also told things that flatly deny biblical teachings. For example, these “aliens” claim that hell does not exist and that all religions are equally valid. If these were truly aliens, why in the world would they travel hundreds of billions of miles through space just to inform us that the Bible is wrong? Why would they care in the first place? This seems like an obvious indication that these encounters are demonic in nature. Furthermore, there are a handful of documented cases in which an abduction in process immediately stopped when the abductee cried out for Jesus to save them. Why would aliens stop their abduction when the name of Jesus is called upon? (See Gary Bates’ informative book on the subject entitled Alien Intrusion for more details on the ideas in this paragraph).

Finally, the timing of the modern UFO/alien abduction phenomenon is just too perfect to be coincidental. Although some UFO sightings have been reported throughout history the modern phenomena started in June of 1947 when Kenneth Arnold spotted nine Unidentified Flying Objects near Mt. Ranier in Washington state. Two weeks later the famous Roswell incident occurred and literally hundreds of thousands of sightings have been reported since then. What is so special about this timing? Well, many Christians, myself included, believe that the most obvious and important sign preceding the Second Coming of Christ was the return of the Jewish people to the land of Israel. Following the atrocities committed against the Jews during World War II, many of them moved back to the Promised Land and for the first few years after the war, support grew for the re-establishment of the Jewish nation. On May 14, 1948, after nearly 1,900 years of being without a homeland, Israel became a nation once again.

Is it just coincidence that an intensified demonic deception in the form of alien abductions sprang up as it became obvious that the nation of Israel would once again be on the face of the earth? I don’t think so. I think we are witnessing the fulfillment of biblical prophecies in our day and age. Not only did the Jewish people return to their homeland as prophesied (see Ezekiel 37-38), but many of the other signs discussed by Jesus in Matthew 24 are falling into place (the sign Jesus mentioned three times in that discourse was the increase of spiritual deception that would take place just before His return).

So maybe I’m wrong for believing these things are related, but they all fit together in an extremely intriguing fashion. Make no mistake. Jesus Christ will return to this earth someday, perhaps very soon. Many people have rejected Him, either by outright denial of Him, indifference toward Him, or by attempting to save themselves from sin thus denying His sacrifice for their sin. These people will face His wrath and be judged for eternity for failing to repent of their sins and trust in Christ alone for salvation. They will suffer the same fate as those fallen angels whose sin was described in Genesis 6, and of those demons who are involved in the modern alien deception. Those of us who have received Christ as Lord and Savior will dwell with Him in glory for all eternity.

Again, if these were actual aliens, why would they work so hard to deny the Person and work of Jesus Christ? The most important issue you will ever confront is to figure out what you will do with Jesus. Will you reject Him or receive Him?

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Q & A Series: Were the Sons of God and Nephilim Ancient Aliens? — 21 Comments

  1. Hi Tim,
    While I generally agree with what you have written, I think there could be a potential flaw in your statement below:

    >>>>Second, the notion of extraterrestrial sentient beings (not including spiritual creatures) is foreign to the Bible and contradicts several biblical teachings. For example, the Bible reveals that God created the earth (Day One) before the other astronomical bodies (Day Four). So earth plays a unique role in God’s program. Also, Jesus Christ became a descendant of Adam and died “once for all” for the descendants of Adam (Romans 6:10; Hebrews 7:27; 9:12; 10:10). If there were sentient beings elsewhere in the universe and they sinned against their Creator, then they would be unable to be saved since the Son of God died once and it was on earth and for mankind.”<<<<

    A. I don't think this necessarily means that Earth has a special place in the program, per se, but that it was simply created first. The Bible was written for US (i.e. 'earthlings', not the whole universe'). So God could have created us first and then gone on to create others. But because we fell, he then gave us a salvation plan to compensate for our fall, requiring a guideplan. Being first doesn't necessitate being 'unique' or the only ones.

    B. You stated, "If there were sentient beings elsewhere in the universe AND THEY SINNED AGAINST THEIR CREATOR…." What if they DIDN'T sin? What if these other creations remained in their perfect created state? Then they wouldn't need Christ to die for them. But because OUR created earth fell, WE needed Christ to die 'once for all mankind."

    What are your thoughts on this?


  2. In the image of God Created He the Man Adam so he was called as son of God & out of Adam He created Eve so technically speaking Eve becomes Adams daughter so to the children the males are referred to as sons of God in the likeness of Adam whereas the females are as the daughters of the “Man” Adam hence termed as the daughters of Men. Thus it became to be called the sons of God married the daughters of Men. Specifically the sons of God refers to the line of Seth & the daughters of Men refer to the line of Cain in terms of the spiritual & from them were born men of old & renown but then because of the transgression(for it was the woman that was found in the Transgression & not the man as stated) to the sin by their generations they became corrupted unto their destruction. As far as the angels who left their place is concerned, against the will of God is to interferring in the affairs of Men undirected by God becoming gods themselves to Paganism to all that human sacrifices & temple prostitutions, Sorcery , divination & the rest even Sodom & for these reasons were reserved for condemnation as mentioned in Jude just as the sodomites are reserved for condemnation, these fallen angels teaching men all these things’ cause they themselves became corrupted on leaving their place. It is one thing knowing Good & Evil & another thing INDULGING in it to the Fruit of the tree of Good & Evil. God planted the tree so that man may know what is Good & Evil without taking of its fruit which would have been possible by taking the fruit of tree of life which was not forbidden. This same is reflected by the transgression of Israel to the falling away until this day specifically so with marrying the heathen. However in the NT is the Hope Jesus Christ unto the Manifestation(Revelation) of the sons of God(Rom. 8:19) not fallen by the error. The 144000 (not defiled by women meaning averse to any sort of sexual corruptions the core of which is Sodom) in Rev./the Elect of God/ the remnant seed of the Woman/ The first fruits of the Lamb come of the Covenant(Gal 3:16) the Israel of God(Gal6: 16) unto the redemption of man This idea of the fallen angels breeding with women are off Pagan sources to the Error. As far as the giants are concerned it is to some sort of genetic mutations concerns the flesh- Biological probably through the knowledge of fallen angels. All Mankind Physically are the children of Adam & Eve & the term children of God refers to spiritual children even the words of Jesus unto the scribes & Pharisees “Ye are off your father the devil” refers to spiritual children. Moreover salvation is open to all of Man .

    • Hi Abey,
      Thanks for your thoughts on this. There are several problems with your claims though.
      First, it’s quite a stretch to say that “technically speaking Eve becomes Adam’s daughter.” I don’t know of anyone who would go for that. The Bible doesn’t say it, nor does it make sense from a genetic point of view.
      Second, if male offspring are called “sons of God” then how come later generations were not called this? Why in Genesis 11:5 are they referred to as “sons of men”?
      Third, how do you know that all those in the line of Seth were godly or that all of those in the line of Cain were ungodly? The Bible tells us that all flesh has corrupted its way on the earth and that the wickedness of man was great on the earth (Genesis 6:5–12). This would include Seth’s line.
      Fourth, if Seth’s line was godly, why did they constantly marry ungodly women? I know it happens from time to time, but your view would have this happening time and time again.
      Fifth, the term translated as “sons of God” is a specific Hebrew term (bene ha ’elohim) that in every other place it appears clearly refers to heavenly beings (Deuteronomy 32:8 (ESV), Job 1:6; 2:1; 38:7). A very similar phrase (bene elim) also appears several times and always refers to heavenly beings. Extremely similar terminology is also found in Ugaritic texts from Israel’s neighbors and the term clearly referred to heavenly beings.
      Sixth, why would marriages between godly and ungodly humans produce giant offspring? They weren’t just people who suffered from a mutation, but were an entire race (or races) of people who descended from these relationships both before and after the Flood.
      Sixth, the view you are promoting was not held by anyone that we know of until about the fourth century AD. Nearly everyone before that whose writings are extant, believed that the “sons of God” referred to heavenly beings. It wasn’t until the allegorical hermeneutic became popular that people started proposing that the “sons of God” were humans.
      Seventh, you mentioned that the idea that angels breeding with women is from pagan origins. Have you ever wondered why so many ancient cultures have this idea in their mythology? Why do the ancient Greeks, Canaanites, Native Americans, Romans, Norse, etc. have stories from their ancient past about the “gods” coming down and mating with women producing giants or demi-gods? Could it be for the same reason that so many cultures have legends of a huge flood? That is, they all talk about these things because they really happened in the past and the pagan groups are retelling distorted versions of the events while Scripture gives the straightforward true account?
      There’s much more that could be said on this subject, but I would encourage you to read my entire series of posts on the sons of God and the nephilim (based on my ThM thesis) for more information. Here’s a link to the first one. Thanks for taking the time to read through this one and for your kind comments.

  3. i dont know if this is a helpful question to ask, but let’s say that goliath was a spawn then of some fallen angel and human — why were their genetics such that they were giants? have you considered this?

    • and how are there even transferable genetics from spiritual demons to human beings? just brain storming this whole concept here from genesis 6.

      would you agree that some women are impregnated by “aliens” today?

      • Hi Lucas,
        These are interesting questions that I have considered many times. Ultimately, I would have to say that we can only speculate on your questions here since the Bible doesn’t give us the answer to either one. So here are a couple of educated guesses that may be completely wrong, but I don’t think they are contrary to Scripture. It may just be that we won’t know the answers to these things this side of eternity.
        First, as far as transferable genetics, I see at least two options. One, the fallen angels who did this appeared in the form of men (they married women and sired children by them). If they can manifest as men (we know holy angels have occasionally done this, even eating and drinking and pulling someone out of a doomed city), then why would couldn’t they manifest with human genetics? Why assume that they would have to have a different type of genetic makeup? Remember, these are extremely powerful beings capable of much more than we know. Two, it could be that the children were sired via other means, such as artificial insemination of some sort. Many Christians would object to these solutions because they don’t believe that angels are capable of doing these things. How would they know? Also, check out my post about whether or not angels can create life.
        The answer to your question about Goliath would go along with these first two ideas. I don’t think Goliath himself was the direct offspring of one of these unions, but I do think he was a descendant of someone who was (he was likely descended from the Anakim that were driven out by Joshua and stayed in Gath, Gaza, and Ashdod). But why giants? If there was some sort of artificial insemination, then perhaps they manipulated the genetics somehow. Or if they were able to physically manifest, perhaps the fallen angels showed up as giant men (with DNA for giant offspring), so that when their wives conceived, the children (nephilim) also had giant DNA.
        Again, these are just some unverifiable hypotheses and I am certainly not trying to be dogmatic here. As for your other question about the “aliens” impregnating women: I don’t know if this has actually happened, although several years back the Raelian UFO cult claimed that one of their women had indeed conceived that way. I’m not saying I believe them, but this seems to be one of the goals of all of these “alien” (read: demonic) abductions. It’s nothing new either. That’s what people reported about the incubus and succubus in medieval times, and earlier about sylvans and fauns.
        All this to say, I don’t pretend to know the methods by which some of this activity was accomplished, but I do know that Gen. 6:1-4 reveals that the “sons of God” (angels, in this case fallen angels) married women and had children with them.
        Thanks for the interesting questions.

        • Ok. I’ll take that response ! A few more considerations.

          Would it be correct to say in your view that the reason for these genetic mutations is rooted in Satan’s attempts to ruin the messianic lineage in some form or fashion? Would this also account for Noah finding favor in the Lord’s eyes, meaning his lineage was not genetically “impure”?

          Also, in this line of thought — would it be fare to say that the little grey aliens could physically exist, being demonic manifestations? Also, would be reasonable, on this line of thought, to assert that they may somehow inhabit places within THIS universe via technological / organic means of transportation? And that they are continuing in their mission to foil in some form the human race / church?

          Sounds crazy, but if we are going down this stream of thought, would this then be ok to say?

          • Hi Lucas,

            Regarding your first question, I think that is a plausible reason for why the “sons of God” (bene ha elohim) were engaging in that activity, but I don’t think it is the only explanation. In my thesis I never used the argument that Noah’s “perfection” in his generations meant that he was tainted by this bloodline, nor did I use Jesus’ line about “in the days of Noah…” You’ll find those arguments in popular level books on the subject, but I don’t think anyone can make a strong enough case for either one. I have a friend who has written on the subject and he thinks that Gen. 3:15 describes this activity–that the seed of the serpent (he takes this as the seed of the fallen angels) would be at war with humanity. Again, I think this is a plausible interpretation, but I wouldn’t be dogmatic on it. We do know that the world was incredibly wicked and that God destroyed it except for those on the Ark.

            Concerning your second point, I think that there are some “alien” encounters that are actually demonic encounters. I’m sure that many are just hoaxes or people seeing things, but too many people around the world are experiencing the same things and often receiving the same messages. Oftentimes, the message from the “aliens” is that you don’t have to fear death, that all religions are the same, and that Jesus was just one of them. Why would ET travel light years to get here just to deny tenets of Christianity? That doesn’t make any sense. What does make sense is that the masters of deception (demons) are purposely trying to mislead people. Can they pull this off in the physical realm? That’s an interesting question. It seems that many of these encounters are psychological in nature, but there are some that have physical evidence to them. So maybe they can.

  4. Tim!
    I’m sorry I addressed you as Stephen in my previous post? I hope you will forgive me and have the opportunity to respond to my question(s)….

    -with much appreciation,

    Marc says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    October 24, 2012 at 2:40 pm

    I’m a newbee to this subject and a believer in Jesus Christ! I’ve had a long interest in the subject of sasquatch/bigfoot. I never have seen one but I believe there is a high probability that they exist. There is some impressive and compelling evidence that they exist today. Most past civilizations report of the “Hairy Man” or some form of “ape man”. Could the Anakim or Nephilim be the same Sasquatch, Yeti, Bigfoot that gets reported in our world today? I’m trying to connect the dots on this but I believe there is a spirtual relationship (demonic attribute) associated with “bigfoot” and the Nephilim.

  5. Hi,
    I’m a newbee to this subject and a believer in Jesus Christ! I’ve had a long interest in the subject of sasquatch/bigfoot. I never have seen one but I believe there is a high probability that they exist. There is some impressive and compelling evidence that they exist today. Most past civilizations report of the “Hairy Man” or some form of “ape man”. Could the Anakim or Nephilim be the same Sasquatch, Yeti, Bigfoot that gets reported in our world today? I’m trying to connect the dots on this but I believe there is a spirtual relationship (demonic attribute) associated with “bigfoot” and the Nephilim.

    • Hi Marc,
      I have to admit, I haven’t given a whole lot of thought to the Bigfoot concept (other than enjoying some Jack Links beef jerky commercials). I’ve watched a couple of television programs about reported sightings so I have some familiarity with the subject, but perhaps not enough to give a really good response. I tend to think that the vast majority of “sightings” are not of a real creature that could be called Bigfoot/Sasquatch, but are simply people mistaking something else for the creature. At the same time, although I think it’s unlikely, I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of some type of unknown creature existing in the forests of the Northwest. The third possibility is the most sinister: that Bigfoot sightings are actually demonic deceptions. I’m not sure if that’s what is going on. I do think that this happens with some of the UFO sightings and alien abduction scenarios, so it wouldn’t surprise me if that is what some of these are as well. Of course there is a huge question that needs to be answered: if they could do it, why would demons want to deceive people into thinking they see things like Bigfoot or UFOs? The first answer I think of is that they would do it to keep someone’s focus off of God. Is that really what is going on here? I really can’t say for sure.
      Also, I really don’t think that Bigfoot is the same as an Anakim or Nephilim. Although I believe their origin was partly demonic, these giants were humans (“men of renown” in Gen. 6:4) and apparently didn’t have any trouble interacting with humans.
      Thanks for reading and for the interesting question.

      • To him who is able to keep you from falling and to psreent you before his glorious presence without fault and with great joy— to the only God our Savior be glory, majesty, power and authority, through Jesus Christ our Lord, before all ages, now and forevermore! Amen. (Jude 1:24-25) PRAISE GOD!!!!

  6. Tim,
    Blessings on you and your work. Thanks for the well-thought posts on this topic. I am an Old Testament teacher and am not too proud to tell you that I made the “naphal/naphil” mistake. I greatly appreciate not only your clarification (which frankly, makes more sense) :), but also your writing in general.

    God bless

    • Thanks for the encouraging words Korey. I made the same mistake several times too. When I started writing my thesis, I tried to find a respected commentary that would say that “nephilim” meant “fallen ones” (which it could if it came from “naphal”), and I could only find one. When I came across the details about the Aramaic “naphil” everything fell into place perfectly. I’m not too proud to admit a mistake either. I mean, I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken. 🙂
      Keep teaching the truth. God bless!

  7. Hello Tim
    I am kind of new to your sight but I wanted to give my view on the picture in gen 6. It is very interesting how we have the two geneologies in ch 5….then the Bible steps into ch 6…. were I believe….the godly line crosses over. The debate…..no doubt the Cain line has had all kinds of demonic influences in the flesh….while the godly line didn’t…..but how interesting what is produced in the crossover!!!! What I find interesting is the giants after the flood… Gen 14….Deut 2 & 3…. 1 Sam 17….I do not believe these giants were produced by demons in any way producing but only their influence inhabiting human flesh….
    Sincerely Dave Marks

    • Hi Dave,
      Thanks for your thoughts on this subject. You may find it helpful to read all of my posts on the subject starting with the first one, which summarizes the issue. In my second post, I provide several reasons why the view that you propose does a poor job of dealing with the text. Although it was the most popular position from the 4th century until the 20th century, there is nothing in the text to indicate that all the Cainites were wicked or that all the Sethites were godly. Also, one is forced to interpret the word “men” (or man) inconsistently throughout the passage. After reading the various posts, feel free to let me know what you think or let me know if you want me to clarify anything.
      Thanks for reading.

  8. How’s this for a movie synopsis?

    Something otherworldly is heading toward Earth, and it intends to take over the planet and kill any who oppose it and enslave the rest. Even now this being has recruited millions around the world to prepare for its arrival. Before it enters our atmosphere these forerunners are teleported off the planet to join the invasion force. It has been causing horrible natural disasters that have killed billions to date. Our only hope is to put aside our differences, route out and eliminate these other worldly dissidents, and prepare for invasion. One man will lead us in the fight; if you’re for humanity, come and pledge your allegiance to him. Take his mark, and together we will push back this invader; together we can do anything!

    Maybe I watched too many alien movies in my BC days, but I just think getting all the armies of the Earth to gather together to go and fight with God seems futile. Getting all the armies of the world together to go fight an alien who claims to be God, well maybe we could win that one.

    I agree though. I don’t see the battle lasting very long at all, but getting the armies to come to Armageddon, especially with all the context that place holds, will take some incredible manipulation and deception, not to mention some time for that kind of organized effort. Who knows maybe it will be just a blatant “we can overthrow God” move, just like Satan, maybe not.

    It’s an interesting conjecture anyway.

    Thanks for writing! I appreciate your views on the Nephilim.

    Manifest Blog

    • Hi Stephen,
      Maybe you have watched too many alien movies. 🙂
      Obviously, we don’t know exactly how it is all going to play out, but I find it interesting that some of the UFO cults believe in an event that parallels the Rapture in some ways. They think that everyone who is holding us back from world peace (you know, those mean-spirited Christians like us who start hospitals, build schools and homes in poor countries, and love our neighbors, families, and enemies) will be snatched away by the aliens so that we can have peace here.
      Sounds like Satan already has one of his explanations in place to deceive people when the Lord does come for His church.

  9. Hi Stephen,
    Thanks for the insight about the movies. While there may be other reasons why alien movies are made (i.e., they make a lot of money), I think it is likely that these movies condition people to look favorably on the topic of aliens rather than thinking about it from a biblical perspective.
    I’m not sure about the role they would play in the Second Coming scenario you laid out since I believe that once it starts, that battle will be over rather quickly. But I definitely believe the alien idea is part of a massive deception designed to turn people from the truth of God’s Word.
    Thanks for reading!

  10. Hello Tim,

    I couldn’t agree with you more about these so-called alien encounters. I wonder what you think about the recent influx of Alien invasion movies. Obviously the fear of alien invasion dates back to H.G. Wells “War of the Worlds”, but it seems that every couple of months there’s a new alien invasion movie coming out: “Transformers”, “Battle Los Angeles”, “Green Lantern”, etc. There’s a new trend in a lot of these movies too, which I think we saw in the Stargate series you mentioned. That their are some good aliens who will help us defend against the bad aliens.

    All that said, I’ve always wondered what could possibly convince the human race that they could take on Jesus in the second coming battle of Armageddon. I think if the heavens opened and a bunch of flying horses came out of the clouds led by a being whose face shown like the sun with a two-edged sword coming out of his mouth, the last thing I would do is shout “Come on, we can beat him!” But in these invasion movies, humans with the help of good aliens always repel the unearthly invaders.

    There was a movie that was released a couple of years ago called Legion that actually portrayed the scenario without all the alien allusions. Here’s a synopsis: An out-of-the-way diner becomes the unlikely battleground for the survival of the human race. When God loses faith in humankind, he sends his legion of angels to bring on the Apocalypse. Humanity’s only hope lies in a group of strangers trapped in a desert diner with the Archangel Michael who helps them fight back the invading forces of God.

    Just an observation I thought you might find intriguing. My blog is Manifest Blog if you’re interested.

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